Digital Food Ordering for Hotels

Guests can scan a QR code to access your digital menu. Order food & beverages, groceries from YOU. Guests pay with paypal, stripe or bill charges to their room.

  • Add a new revenue stream
  • Delight your guests
  • Enhance guest reviews

Demo our lightening fast guest checkout experience

Scan the QR code with your mobile device.

Wow your guests with a convenient food ordering system, while increasing efficiency and revenues from:

  • 1.
    Room delivery fees
  • 2.
    Taxes & service charges
  • 3.
    Price markups
Order fulfilment

Deliver to room, Guest pickup, Dine at restaurant

All options are available to all properties. Enable as needed based on your property type. Conveniently set a fulfilment time for each method.


Bill to room, Paypal, Stripe

All payment options are available to all properties. Set your prefered paypal, stripe credentials to receive payments directly or bill charges to the room.

Lightning fast checkout

Secure PIN checkout

Your guests never have to enter names, contact details, room names, etc at checkout. Instead, they'll enter a secret PIN to reduce checkout time as well as to verify and validate orders.


What our customers are saying about us

Actual reviews from properties using our platform.

Get that edge over your competitors!

Billtoroom technology enhances guest experience, increase operational efficiency and opens a new revenue stream. As part of your competitive advantage strategy, you MUST cater to today’s tech-savvy travelers.